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Reporting from the Queen Mary in Long Beach
Reporting from the Queen Mary in Long Beach


Vida Ghaffari has been active on the Tinsel town scene as an award-winning actress, voice over artist and fashion blogger. This comedic powerhouse is best known for her appearances on the television comedies, Mind of Mencia on Comedy Central, Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC and The Mindy Project formerly on FOX and HULU.
These projects cap off a number of successes for the versatile starlet. She just wrapped a supporting role in Nation’s Fire, which will be distributed by Universal opposite two-time Oscar nominee Bruce Dern, Emmy winner Gil Bellows, Laurene Landon and UFC Champion Chuck Liddell. Her other film, the much buzzed about Holy Terror opposite Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, Black Belt Jones) and Kristine DeBell (Meatballs, The Big Brawl). Holy Terror is climbing up the charts and is #11 on Amazon Prime UK. She’s gotten local, national and international press from this project and was billed as the Persian Linda Blair from her work in this role. Vida also just shot Hybristophilia with Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock). She has a recurring role in the 3 time Peabody award nominated Suspense Show on XM satellite radio.
A natural comedic talent, Vida has also done voiceover work for Fidelity Investments and many other commercial products and she recently voiced a couple of roles in an animated film Lovesick Fool for Dominic Polcino, who is an Emmy-nominated director of the Simpsons, Family Guy, and King of the Hill. This film just screened at the popular Hollyshorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre, Burbank International Film Festival and countless other festivals. Lovesick Fool is quite the film festival darling, having won first place at the prestigious Topanga Film Festival, the LA Art house Film Festival and the Atlanta Underground Film Festival.
As an award-winning journalist and blogger, she has also worked as a red carpet correspondent and has interviewed many celebs ranging from Oscar nominees and winners to Grammy winners. Vida has been bestowed awards by The City of Los Angeles, The West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the World Networks Entrepreneur Award, the Universe Multicultural Film Festival, Los Angeles Nollywood Film Association, The WIND International Film Festival, and the Lucky Strike Film Festival among others. She has won journalism and research grants from the National Journalism Center, The Woodrow Wilson Center, and the US Institute of Peace. Vida got her start in fashion journalism covering the retail beat for the Dow Jones Newswire.
Ever the fashionista, Vida recently graced the cover of noted fashion magazine FVM Global Magazine twice as well as Shine On Hollywood Magazine and 1st Class Magazine and was quoted about her knowledge of red carpet fashion for the Oscars by US News and World Report. Vida also hosts many charity events as well as womens’ groups and conferences and has moderated countless panels.
More info about Vida at http://www.imdb.me/vidaghaffari


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