Crystal Quinn’s Healing Crystals

I just recently got an exquisite, hand made rose quartz crystal necklace with a gorgeous vintage inspired gold chain from Crystal Quinn Art and I can’t wait to wear it. Known for it’s healing qualities, rose quartz is great for romance. And LA is quite a loveless town, so I’m hoping the crystal will help. To quote renowned musical icon Rihanna, “we found love in a hopeless place.” Maybe the rose quartz will do that. If anything, I hope I have more self love as those of you who know me well, know how hard I am on myself. Quinn Art is contemporary edgy jewelry designed by Virginia Quinn, who gets inspired by earth’s healing crystals and gemstones. Her obsession with luxury vintage chains, naturally pairs with each stone giving you Luxury Crystal Designs for The Body and Mind.

Talented artist Crystal Quinn

Her minimalist approach to design is dedicated to preserving the natural aesthetics of each healing stone. Valuing a traditional adherence to quality at all times, Crystal Quinn Art presents you with luxury style at its finest.

Quinn’s contemporary, edgy jewelry collections have been featured in high end design publications in the LA market, and auctioned to raise money for the homeless population in PDX. Giving souls culinary skills and job placement “My art is about “us” and “we”. Not “I” and “me”. “The human soul is fragile, I’m giving back every step of my journey.”

A native New Yorker, Quinn mentored under genius talent in the design industry. Now happily resides and works out of her studio in Oregon, feeling right at home with the nature and diverse artistic vibe.

Currently Quinn is brand ambassador for Millennial Entertainment “Timeless Glamour” with an international client base and is on a mission for ‘global impact’.Each design is built with meaning and emotion, as she explains: “Truly an honor you are feelin’ my vibe.” More info at

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