Hammering Away on Cynthia Hammer’s Hammer Away Show

I recently had the honor of guesting on the lovely and amazing Cynthia Hammer’s appropriately named “Hammer Away” show. Cynthia is a fellow Marylander, so it was great to talk about all sorts of things like career endeavors, but more importantly life back home. Cynthia herself is quite the accomplished media personality and author. And I discovered, that unfortunately like me, that we shared a sisterhood of sorts, as this delightful woman was also bullied as a kid, but takes that bad experience and uses it to inspire others.

Cynthia rocks the red carpet

More about her here:

Cynthia W. Hammer is radio host of the Hammer Away radio show airing every Friday at noon, on Facebook live PST and MixxStation, Baltimore 8pm est. Her uplifting show focuses on Education, Science Authors, Singers, Musicians, Actors Entrepreneurs. She covers hot topics around the globe, celebrity interviews, local talent and fun things to do in LA.

She is also a wonderful author and has written novels such as “A Good  Case” and “Iceburg.” I can’t wait to read both, especially Iceberg. She has won an Irwin Award for Best  In Marketing for her novel “Iceburg.” As an author, 

she has made front page  headlines and has  published  several  articles in local  papers.
Her former “Hammering Away, “show aired on popular stations like KCAA 106.5AM & 92.3FM San  Bernardino and LA Talk Radio. She is a member  of a non-denomational church and follower of Jesus Christ. She is from Baltimore, Maryland and supports many outreach programs. She also has facilitated two run way-fashion show fund raisers. For many years, she has been recognized as a inspirational and motivational speaker on Bullying and Faith. She is happily married to a gifted percussionist.
Her novels,  A Good  Case & Iceburg  are available at Authorhouse and online book sellers.
Just two Marylanders in Dodger blue

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