Helping to Avoid the Horrific Pitfalls of Showbiz with My Attorney Nadia Davari at ScareLA

On Sunday, August 26th from 12:15 to 1:15pm, at the demo stage of the Los Angeles Convention Center, ScareLA 2018 had the “Avoiding Horrific Pitfalls: What is a Release and Why Do I Need One?” with ScareLA’s own renowned entertainment attorney Nadia Davari and yours truly, her client.

With my attorney Nadia Davari at ScareLA

These ladies took the stage to guide attendees safely past the horror entertainment industry’s largest — and unexpected — pitfalls. Don’t get taken advantage of and let Davari show you the way! To add a little practical spice, this seminar was moderated by Ghaffari, who herself has dealt first-hand with many of these pitfalls in her career, but overcame them all with Davari’s expertise. Many of the ladies educational and often humorous experiences and anecdotes were highlighted in this panel.

At ScareLA. Dress by Kaya di Koko

“It has truly been an honor to represent ScareLA and Lora, a very creative and motivated young serial entrepreneur, and watch it evolve into such an informative and epic event,” said Davari.

“I’m so thrilled to be part of this panel once again with my wise attorney and a part of this wonderful convention that was started by a woman. It’s really great to be a part of the horror community with such knowledgeable and empowered women,” added Ghaffari.

“I created ScareLA with the vision of bringing community together and celebrating our city’s diversity in its most unusual forms. Halloween has an amazing tradition of self-expression and creativity and we bring thousands of artists, haunt entertainment professionals, horror filmmakers and fans to celebrate it early. ScareLA was first to bring Halloween to the summer and we are thrilled with the amazing response to our show and creating Halloween’s first Comic-con,” said Ivanova.

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