Mathilde Badji’s Sophisticated Couture Designs Rock Countless Red Carpets

A wonderful designer just came under my fashion radar and that is the amazingness that is Mathilde Badji. Born in Paris, France, Mathilde is of Senegalese descent. Her rich cultural background is represented in her sophisticated yet brightly colored and bold designs, which are a nod to her heritage. Mathilde’s mother is a skilled seamstress, so her talent is genetic. As a kid, when most girls played with Barbie dolls, she would make clothes for her little sister’s Barbie doll.

Publicist Coumba Fofana-Kone looking like an A list actress on the red carpet of the Oscars in one of Mathilde’s gorgeous gowns!

She attended the prestigious Formamod Paris, where she graduated as a stylist and also modeled. At the fashion school, she was part of the fashion team at Free for Womanity Paris, then Martin Marguiela. She also worked for the Marie Claire group as assistant stylist. Mathilde won a fashion designers contest of the Haute of Seines. She was also a costume designer for the film of Robertie Valee “hearse a full temp” as well as the costume designer for Thophee at the world renowned Festival de Cannes.

One of Mathilde’s bold and sophisticated designs on the runway
Mathilde looking stunning in one of her beautiful tapestry inspired coats!

If that wasn’t enough, she re-created a Marie Antoinette inspired dress for Miss France 2007. She also won a fashion competition for the Vlisco brand, African fabrics. What I really like about Mathilde, is that she is so classy and worldly, but has such a fun and vibrant personality, much like her designs. Being so sophisticated and international, she reminds me of some of my friends back home in DC, except a million times more fashionable (sorry DC friends!).  

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