The Jade Pendant Premiere

Had an amazing time at The Jade Pendant premiere. I went to support my dear friend, international fashion designer and now actress, Sue Wong, in her acting debut at Po Ping. She did a wonderful job as the snooty mother trying to set her wayward son up with the lead in the film Peony (Clara Lee). What a really liked about Sue’s scenes were that it is very similar to the Persian arranged marriage setup, so I really got the gist of how similar our ancient cultures really are. This period piece took place in a during the lynching of 18 Chinese immigrants in 1871, a very dark time in our country’s history that has pretty much been unfortunately forgotten. This film was shot in Utah and I loved how the scenes and wardrobe were so meticulous, that I felt like I was transported to that era.

With lovely and amazing Sue at the premiere. Photo courtesy of Sheri Determan/WENN

The film stars South Korean star Clara Lee (“Working Girl”), Taiwanese heartthrob Godfrey Gao (“The Mortal Instruments”), Russell Wong (“Romeo Must Die,” “Contract to Kill”), and noted screen veterans Tsai Chin and Tzi Ma.

This film was produced by Thomas Leong, Bruce Feirstein and Scott Rosenfelt for Lotus Entertainment. This film was based on a book by L.P. Leung.

Great acting with a wonderful ensemble cast, moving storyline and fabulous cinematography. I highly recommend this film!

At the afterparty with two wonderful friends, writer Gerry Pallay and Faith Boutin, Managing Director of FVM Global Magazine. Photo courtesy of Sheri Determan.

After the film, Sue invited some of her dear friends for an after party at an outstanding Chinese restaurant in Monterey Park close to the theatre. It was the best Chinese food I had. Better than San Francisco. I would imagine it would be as good as China. Had a great time toasting Sue. This film was especially moving for Sue, as she proudly wears the jade pendant her beloved mother wore, who passed away around this time 2 years ago. Her mom wore the necklace for half a century and Sue is carrying on the tradition. So proud of my dear friend whose talent is limitless.

On the red carpet at the premiere. Gown by Sue Wong of course, makeup by Elf Cosmetics, Givenchy Beauty and Lancome. Jewelry and heels are vintage. Photo courtesy of Jackson Wong.

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