Photo shoot with The Artists Project LA

Had an amazing photo shoot with The Artists Project LA (TAP), which was founded by celebrity photographer Michael Bezjian of Gettyimages/Wireimage, who graciously opens his spacious home to any up and coming performer who is in need of headshots. Usually headshots can cost hundreds even upwards of a thousand dollars and need to be updated pretty regularly, so Michael and his team provide a priceless service as a shoot like this is impossible unless one is an A list actor and has his or her bank account, not to mention an A listers rolodex of contacts!

The amazing makeup artist Raul aka Luar


Upon entry to my scheduled appointment for my photoshoot, I was greeted by Michael’s chipper assistants. They kindly guided me through hair, done by Beverly Hills hairdresser extraordinaire Daniel Gravel, makeup done by the amazing Raul aka Luar, who is a part of the makeup team by much in demand makeup guru Jade Martinez of Moonstar Beauty has created. Raul gave me a glam look reminiscent of the Golden days of Hollywood style, which makes sense as he studied at the prestigious Westmore Makeup School, founded and run by the prominent Westmore family. They were billed as the Barrymores of the makeup world. I learned so many tips from this master of makeup! It was also great to see the lovely Saya, who was my hairstylist for a fashion show I co-hosted recently.

With my incredible hair stylist for the shoot Daniel Gravel. Gown by Sue Wong

There’s even a style rack chock full of great outfits that actors can borrow for their shoot! I was like a kid in a candy store! So I was styled and ready by the time I got to shoot with Michael, who looks like a younger, less edgier version of Henry Rollins. Even though there were a lot of actors to shoot that day, Michael was on point and amazing and he still had an event to cover that night!! I had four looks, all in couture with various shoes and accessories and they all turned out great. I even had a behind the scenes photo shoot by the wonderful photographer Jonathan Bang and wonderful BTS shots by Stéphanie Léonard. And there was a great craft services to boot with sponsors like. The only thing missing was a photographer who also collaborates with Michael and TAP, a great gal by the name of Rodin, whose great uncle, a former Iranian prime minister, had studied abroad  in France with my dad in the early 1900’s! Crazy cool huh?

With celebrity photographer Michael Bezjian. Gown by Sue Wong

Countless celebs have shot for SAP to bring attention to this wonderful organization like Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ken Davitian, Maitland Ward, Bai Ling, Lauren Potter, Caroline D’Amore, Daniel Benzali, Vincent Spano and countless others.

My first look for the shoot…wearing an exquisite gown by Sue Wong

Most importantly I felt a great sense of community which can be so hard to find in a city as isolating and vast as Los Angeles. I cherish the time I spent there and the graciousness and hospitality of Michael, Jade and their wonderful staff. One can donate whatever they can afford for ALL these services, which really, really touched my heart. It was a windy yet hot and gloomy day when I shot my pics, but all I felt was the sunny disposition of this generous group! Also got some great hydration with , who is a TAP sponsor.

#BTS shot wearing a dress by Sai Suman, bracelet by Geary’s and YSL heels
Dancing during the shoot in a Sai Suman gown
Wearing a floral Sai Suman gown
Selfie with Saya!
The finished product. Liking the details in this Sai Suman dress
The finished project where I’m dressed in Sue Wong. One of the looks on Getty!
Photo courtesy of Jonathan Bang/Gettyimages

The Artists Project LA produces press portrait sessions and then donate the rest of their day to providing up-and-coming artists with low budget photography. They leverage the power of brands and celebrities to help the careers of up and coming artists and gives a sense of home in a city full of freeways and endless driving. I was very flattered to be the featured photo of the shoot! More info at

All photos courtesy of Michael Bezjian/Gettyimages, The Artists Project LA, Jonathan Bang and Stéphanie Léonard.

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