Celebrity Roast of Actress Joycelyne Lew

I had a wonderful time at the Celebrity Roast of Actress Joycelyne Lew at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Chinatown!  Lew was roasted by some legendary stars of screen and martial arts such as Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, Chuck Norris’ An Eye for An Eye), Aki Aleong (V, Babylon 5), James Hong (Kung Fu Panda, Blade Runner), Gerald Okamura (G.I. Joe, The Rise of Cobra, Mortal Kombat), Peter Kwong (The Golden Child, Big Trouble in China), Host Grand-Master Eric Lee (Rambo: First Blood Part II, 3 Ninjas) and many more.

It was great catching up with noted celebs and VIPs like Hank Garrett (3 Days of the Condor, G.I. Joe, The Animated Series), Vida Ghaffari (Holy Terror, The Mindy Project), multi award-winning filmmakers Thomas J. Churchill (Check Point, The Rack Pack) and Gregory Hatanaka (Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, Blue Dream).

I had the pleasure of working with the fabulous Mel Novak on two projects recently, Holy Terror and Cold Plastic TV, so it was cool that he was a roaster. “I have set up Chuck Norris in An Eye For An Eye, beaten up Steve McQueen in Tom Horn, almost set Yul Brynner on fire in The Ultimate Warrior and shoot Bruce Lee in the face in Game of Death, but that is nothing in compared to the roast I gave Joycelyne!” exclaimed Novak.

Joycelyne began appearing in films, such as Fatal Beauty with Whoopi Goldberg, Tai-Pan, Hindsight, Shattered Image, and a lead in Battle Creek Brawl AKA: The Big Brawl, for which she received excellent reviews. She had the largest part ever given a woman in the Kung Fu television series; and other television credits include The Golden Girls, Married with Children, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless.

She has been recognized and listed in “The Who’s Who of Women”, and she is on the Blue Ribbon Committee of the Emmy Awards, and the National Endowment for the Arts Judging Committee for Film Grants.

Her ability to mimic characters using many accents has led to her demand as a voice-over artist. Joycelyne re-dubbed the lead in Bernie Casey‘s directoral debut, The Dinner. She also has done cartoon voices for Hanna Barbara, industrial narrations, trailers for features, commercials, and dramas on National Public Radio. Joycelyne also hosts a cooking show called Cooking In With Joycelyne, which I really enjoyed guesting on recently.

Joycelyne looked amazing in form fitting red gown by Jeanetta of http://www.thebridestailor.com

As for yours truly:

Gown by http://saisuman.ws/

Hair by Maryam Motaghy and makeup by http://www.elfcosmetics.com/

Headband by http://www.ravenboutique.com

Photos courtesy of Kim Marra

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