Seeking Valentina Los Angeles Premiere

Seeking Valentina premiered at the Los Angeles World International Film Festival at the historic Crest Theatre in Westwood. Afterwards, there was a Q and A with the cast and crew. I had a nice time reminiscing all things Valentina with writer-director-producer Armin Nasseri, actress and producer Kristin West, digital effects expert Tawan Bazemore, composer Skykross and the moderator Syr Law.

Big thanks to Armin Nasseri, Kristin West and the rest of my fellow cast members and crew. Also want to extend a big thanks to manager Matt Chassin as well as event photographers Bob Delgadillo, Danny Go and Mark Sevier. And thanks so much to Maurice Dwayne Smith for his media coverage. Great to see our assistant director and producer Mo Whelan, Joann Thomas, Mike Edwards as well and meet Brittany Carriger. And thanks to my supportive friends like Faith Boutin and Amelia Johnson for attending. What a nice evening!



Heels: Thalia Sodi

Jewelry: #TheMitraCollection

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