Gliding to Straighter Hair with The Glyder

I have been straightening my Perfro (“Persian Fro”) for years with much difficulty. It’s been very challenging to manage my hair. I’m sure anyone else with “ethnic hair” has the same challenges. I used that parenthetical phrase, as that is what many hairdressers over the years have referred to my mop of hair as. Most even charge me extra and gripe about my nappy hair under their breath the whole time. And they saddle my locks with far too much product, which has damaged and malnourished my hair.

The Glyder comes in such cute colors!
The Glyder comes in such cute colors!

Usually it takes hours for me to style my hair myself. I’ve been using my Hairart flat iron, but it doesn’t heat past 350 degrees. And I need special toothed comb to guide my flat iron, which is hard to do two handed! I’d have to have as many hands as the Hindu Goddess Durga to manage all that!

As it turns out, I had an gala to attend and my glam squads were all booked up, but it started earlier than I anticipated on the other side of town and LA is a large town! Luckily I had a bit of time and The Glyder on my side. With The Glyder, I was able to get ready in time. What normally takes an hour and looks crappy, took me less than 20 minutes to flat iron my hair and it made my hair so smooth, that I curled the ends in a jiffy.

Pre-Glyder. No makeup selfie
No makeup selfie Pre-Glyder


With The Glyder by Heir Studios, that is no longer necessary for me to spend hours on end styling my hair as it has it’s own combs, so it combs and straightens my hair. This innovative product heats up to 450 degrees and it comes in two cute colors, pink and baby blue. I loved seeing an exotic goddess on the packaging with beautiful thick hair, not some blond Gwyneth Paltrow looking woman with perfect hair that I could never relate to, which usually is the case. Billed as Fun, Innovative, Edgy and Fabulous, I’d add that it’s easy to use and such a practical hair tool! It’s pretty lightweight too!

With the lovely and amazing Sue Wong, who received a well deserved award at the Diversi-Tea Gala and my at home salon looking hairdo!
With the lovely and amazing international fashion designer Sue Wong, who received a well deserved award at the Diversi-Tea Gala and my at home salon looking hairdo courtesy of The Glyder! Photo courtesy of Denise O’Brien.


With my friend, Faith Boutin at the Diversi-Tea Gala
Post-Glyder, my hair is all straightened out. With my friend, Faith Boutin at the Gala. We are both dressed in Sue Wong.

Here’s a video by Barby, the brilliant creator of The Glyder, as my photos don’t do it justice: I’d do a video, but she’s a professional cosmetologist and looks adorable. By the way, it’s as effortless as the video. No joke!

I hope they make a travel sized model…hint hint Heir Studios.

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*The product was provided to me for review. The opinions presented are purely my own honest assessment. And I don’t lie. Ever!



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