Stars and Sparkles at the Quynh Paris Fashion Show

Noted international fashion designer Quynh Paris unveiled her Fall/Winter 2016-2017 show, aptly titled “The Light of the Stars” as a part of Style Fashion Week at the Pacific Design Center (PDC).  Quynh is a noted international designer in the true sense of the word and I love how she has a great fusion of East meets West. I also loved how the setting of PDC, or “Blue Whale” as it’s referred to, fit the occasion perfectly. The runway for the PDC shows was surrounded by water, which fit in with Quynh’s theme of the galaxy and there was no tent so the light from the stars in the sky shined on the runway. The models almost looked like they were walking on water.

The show started with a performance from international singer Thanh Thoi, who was decked out in a top hat and a beautiful jacket designed exclusively for him by Quynh.  I really enjoyed his rendition of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and thought it was a great way to start the show.

Thoi escorted actress and model Jon Mack on to the runway and she wore the centerpiece gown of the show, the “Apollo” gown. Made of plastic with fun details such as various planets, this gown was a standout and Mack looked so stylish and futuristic. Her gown matched the jacket Thoi wore, so I could tell how much Quynh and her team styled everything perfectly.

“The theme was the Universe and its stars, represented by the dress worn by Jon. I’ve always been in love with the space-theme. I grew up looking up to the sky and I’m inspired by our relationship with the universe, the earth, and how infinite that is,” said Quynh.

Actress and model Dustin Quick summed up the evening perfectly,” It’s kinda perfect that we are having the debut at Pacific Design Center for Style Fashion Week. We’re under the stars and we each look like stars, because of Quynh. We can’t wait to shine for you!”

Another standout was a gown worn by actress and model Blanca Blanco at the Oscars. “It’s a handmade silk and metallic dress that “shines likes the stars,” said Quynh. In this show, the gown was worn by the runner up to the Miss Vietnam pageant Kim Duyen.

I loved the fabrics used and all the mixed materials. “I used materials I love most for the Couture pieces: metallic organza, metallic silk, metallic tulle, cotton tulle, silk tulle, crepe… and also PVC for transparent dresses,” she added. She utilized PVC as it protects from the elements such as  cold, wind and water.

Quynh’s stylish Ready-to-wear collection was also a real standout. I love the asymmetric, structured, 3D, artistic, romantic yet oh so modern look of the Ready-to-wear collection.

Quynh has been a staple at SFW. “It’s been an exciting journey between Style Fashion Week and myself so far. I did my first fashion show with SFW in LA back in 2011. We have grown together. SFW is now also operating in New York and in Dubai. It’s truly a good thing.”

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Photos courtesy of Ryan Castro and Gettyimages

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