Face Forward Charity Event

Had a nice time with my dear friend Faith, managing director of FVM Global Magazine, and my family at the Face Forward Charity Event at the Roberto Cavalli store on ritzy Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.


Face Forward works with community leaders and organizations around the nation and throughout the world, in order to identify victims of violence who are working toward recovery and who carry the physical evidence of past abuse.  We are able to provide our services to individuals who are committed to their recovery by partnering with local community centers, which offer complementary relief, housing, counseling, job searches and legal assistance. We are one humble part of the recovery puzzle; however, the immediate results of our healing efforts provide individuals with the confidence to put their best Face Forward once again. This wonderful non-profit was founded by Deborah Alessi and her husband, Dr. David Alessi.

More info about this wonderful charity at http://www.faceforwardla.org/

Photos courtesy of Faye Sadou/Retna

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