A Day of Beauty, Magic, Transformation

Yesterday was truly an amazing day of Beauty, Magic and Transformation when my good friend, Faith Boutin and myself went to visit legendary fashion designer Sue Wong, who I am blessed to have as friend as well. Faith is the managing editor of FVM Global Magazine, which I was honored to be on the cover of, so it was truly a fashion filled day!

With Faith Boutin, managing director of FVM Global Magazine and noted fashion designer, Sue Wong at her atelier
With Faith Boutin, managing director of FVM Global Magazine and noted fashion designer, Sue Wong at her atelier

We had a great tour of her immense showroom ranging from her beautiful swatches that date back to over 15 years. Sue is so on point that she has kept every single one. And then we took a look at the archives and the warehouse. Oh the warehouse! That’s where the beauty and the magic set in. We were treated to a sneak peek of new designs that have yet to hit the market. I never wanted to leave!

Over a wonderful lunch at a local Thai restaurant, Sue regaled us with some great stories of her path to success and the interesting people and experiences she’s come across. She has invested decades of endless hard work and long hours to have reached her current success in the highly competitive fashion world, so it was really inspiring to hear her speak. Might I add it was a transformative experience, because time and time again, Sue told us about all the risks she’s taken to get to where she is. I will never forget that day or the lessons learned. I am so touched by Sue’s kindness and generosity.

Sue is now entering the exciting world of global licensing. “The decision to totally forgo all manufacturing and distribution is the rightful choice. Fortunately I have an impeccable designer name and an exquisite brand that I have built up for the last thirty years. I am keeping my intellectual property and not selling it, as is far more valuable and serves me to license it out to a broad category of fashion, home and lifestyle classifications. I will license out my core business of evening gowns and will merely design it, but the licensee will be responsible for all marketing, overhead, manufacturing and distribution,” said a really excited Sue.

“As an artist, I must create something beautiful every day! So I choose to remain active in the field,” she added. I truly agree. With Sue entering this endeavor, she can focus on her true love in fashion, the designing aspect and leave the business aspect to others. She will be able to travel the world more especially to historical sanctuaries, which truly inspire her artistic genius. So beauty, magic and transformation indeed. For more info, please go to http://www.suewong.com/

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