Triminio Trims Away Hunger

I recently came across Trimino at the perfect time of the year…right after the holiday season when I’ve gained a few pounds. Trimino is a protein infused beverage that is low in calories and has an additional boost of vitamins creating a nutritionally productive drink with no excess calories, no sugar and no caffeine. Count me in! I tried the Coconut Pineapple and Peach flavors and really enjoyed them.

Trimino beverages
Trimino Beverages

I didn’t snack at all the two days I drank Trimino, which is an astounding feat for me! And it was only 28 calories per bottle! The taste was pretty good too. Think of something a bit similar to Snapple (which I love) but without the tea flavor…much like a fruity drink. As it turns out, the beverage industry sales veterans of Miami Bay Beverage Company, LLC (“MBB”) created this innovative dietary drink with a combined 90 years of experience with such iconic brands as Dr Pepper, Nestle and of course Snapple (even I’m impressed that I got that)!

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