Sue Wong’s Awe Inspiring Fashion Installation with Prestige Private Air

Noted fashion designer Sue Wong and Prestige Private Air collaborated on an exclusive Prestige Private Air Luxury VIP Jet Hangar Gala on January 21, 2016. This exciting partnership featured an jam packed red carpet press event announcing new international membership flight routes: Van Nuys – Shanghai/Beijing, Van Nuys – Mexico City and Van Nuys – Tel Aviv; as well as celebrating the ribbon cutting for Prestige Private Air’s new International Flight Clubs.

Prestige Private Air’s VIP Gala celebrated all things luxury and glam, synonymous with the limitless elegance and‪ high fashion that SUE WONG gowns epitomize. It was the perfect collaboration of international glam and luxury. The evening started with a five-course gourmet dinner complemented with international award-winning wines, opera performances and numerous exotic performers. Sue proudly unveiled 30 iconic signature creations in a stunning fashion‪ ‎installation at this exclusive gala.

This gala was the perfect mix of high fashion, luxury travel and high ranking diplomats. With so diplomats and such a large and ritzy international crowd, I felt like I was back home in DC.

The special event was attended by dignitaries such as Consul General of Germany Hans Jörg Neumann, Consul General of Greece Gregory Karahalios, Consul General of Croatia Sinisa Grgic, Ph.D., Consul General of Peru Liliana Cino, Consul General of Egypt Lamia Mekhemar, former Consul General of Bolivia Fernando Lazcano Dunn and entertainment luminaries such as actress Kate Linder (The Young and the Restless) and Alice Amter (The Big Bang Theory) attended the event.  Additionally, socialites Alexandrina Doheny and Jo Hilton joined accomplished visionaries from the glamorous worlds of fashion, film, music, the media, and photography to celebrate the international Jet-Set of Fashion and unparalleled luxurious flight service.

Prestige Private Air specializes in offering most-discerning clientele unprecedented convenience, launching a luxury jet membership that simplifies the way one can travel. Prestige Private Air members access private terminal, personal concierge, mobile app, door-to-door service and zero hidden fees in a convenient suburban Southern California location. Prestige Private Air places itself uniquely on the map because of its unique and revolutionary business model. Through membership and sharing, Prestige Private Air has devised a way to allow people who once thought flying private was out of reach, now possible, with prices aligned with first class commercial costs for the first time ever.

With an inspiring and uplifting success story spanning the globe, Sue is “Every Woman’s Couturier.” Sue’s designs transform women into glamorous goddesses of every manifestation on a global scale. Every one of her exquisite gowns are glamorous works of wearable art, featuring exquisite fabrics shimmering with incandescent beads, combined to create works of art that are graceful, elegant, unique and timelessly beautiful. A Sue Wong creation exudes feminine romance, an odyssey of seduction — timelessly glamorous and evocative. What I love most about Sue’s timeless designs is that it hearkens back to the golden age of Hollywood, which I love and Sue brings glamour full force in a t-shirt and blue jeans culture, which is no easy feat. Models strutted down the runway as planes taxied down the runway, making for a dramatic show!

Spectacular headdresses by Kicka Custom Design and What a Betty complemented these amazing gowns to complete Sue’s hypnotically-glamorous vision. The ubiquitous jewelry of Vilaiwan designed by the talented Joe Polthakorn added additional flair to the Sue’s signature designs. Bui Productions transformed the SUE WONG models into seductive goddesses with beautiful hair and makeup.

Socialite Mrs. Alexandrina Doheny enthusiastically shared: “Sue Wong gowns are sheer beauty and absolutely divine.”

Grammy award-winning composer and artist, Omar Akram declared: “An evening with Superstar International Designer Sue Wong featuring her gowns with stunning designs and colors, delicious food and beautiful models…PERFECT!” It truly was a live homage to Sue’s life affirming mantra of “Beauty, Magic, Transformation!”

Former Consul General of Bolivia Fernando Lazcano Dunn expressed: “A magnificent evening! Sue Wong’s fashions are a feast for the eyes!”

The event was sponsored by: Art Lewin Bespoke, Anita Collection, Rolls-Royce, Piaget, Lamborghini, Golan Heights Winery, Sports Massage Extreme, Malibu Family Wines, Glamifornia, ACCS, Destination Luxury and Samira’s Network. A portion of the proceeds were donated to the Jewish National Fund.

Photos courtesy of Greg Doherty, Bob Delgadillo, Ryan Castro, Gennadiy Kotlyarchuk, James Mason, Misha Urubkov, Roland DeGuzman, and Carlos Zeron.

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