Secret Room Events Golden Globes Style Lounge

Had a great time at the Secret Room Events Golden Globes Style Lounge at the super cool SLS Hotel. This wonderful suite is especially known (imho) as one that has top rate beauty products among other great high end items. This luxury lifestyle gift lounge and special events company, honored the 2016 Golden Globes Nominees and Presenters with their wonderful lounge.

Some of the wonderful gifts included unique and luxurious items from noted lines such as Brevena Skincare, Denman Brushes, Fuel Haircare, Eddä Scandinavian, Nadri Jewelry, Adore Nature at the Village, Ruffle Girl, Frency & Mercury Jewelry by Lilach Adoni, Twisted J Apparel, Fernanda, MyntSmile, Betty Boop, Scentuals bodycare products, Tesla, Santa Anita Park, City Color Cosmetics, Derma e, Pretty Woman perfume, Oleavicin, and Santa Barbara wine from Ampelos Cellars.

Beauty products that were standouts were Brevana’s restore and hydrate overnight cream as their foot cream, Denman’s elegant brushes that are gold plated (!), Fuel Haircare’s Foundation Hair Spray, Edda Scandinavia’s body care line, Adore Nature’s intensive Body Peeling Scrub, Fernanda’s Hair Milk, the great smelling Pretty Woman perfume, City Colors great creamy lip gloss in a glam shade of red called Sweet Sangria and their Be Matte Blush in Fresh Melon, Derma e’s purifying daily detox scrub and purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask and MyntSmiles’s anti-cavity and extra whitening toothpaste to protect and brighten my pearly whites during awards season! Scentuals Radiance Facial Oil Serum as wel as their moisturizing hand and body lotion. On the fashion and accessories front, I really liked the Betty Boop t shirts, Frency & Mercury Jewelry, and Twisted J apparel’s soft t shirts.

Excited to check out the Teslas and Santa Anita Park while I drink some red carpet red Santa Barbara wine from Ampelos Cellars. Eve and Nico’s unique handwoven recycled telephone wire baskets are a great addition to my dining room table. The bright and bold colors awaken any simple room. And also looking forward to de-stressing from this busy time of year with some great tea from Aspen Tea. I tried their Snowy White Mountain flavor so far, which was just as tasty as their description,”Effervescent, graceful, airy and light.” Indeed! Loved the peppermint and lavender tones tinged with the rose leaf flavor. And the Kokoa Delight treats were amazing!

More info at http://www.brevena.comhttp://www.fuelhair.comhttp://www.denmanbrush.comhttp://www.rufflegirl.com,http://www.naturaleggusa.comhttp://www.santaanita.comhttp://www.citycolorcosmetics.comhttp://www.nadrijewelry.comhttp://www.ebbascandinavian.comhttp://www.adorevillage.comhttp://www.getalittletwisted.comhttp://www.frenchy-mercury.comhttp://www.eveandnico.comhttp://www.orbison.comhttp://www.oleavicin.comhttp://www.dermae.comhttp://www.thetravelorg.comhttp://www.kokoadelight.com, and

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