Rachel McCord Strikes A Cord!

I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely stunning, sweet and bubbly Rachel McCord at her launch event for her self-titled blog, The McCord list, that a friend invited me to. That night a few years back I expressed to her that I wanted to start a blog and she really inspired me that night with her contagious optimism and peppy attitude. I can tell that she really wants to empower other women and forgive the pun, but her kindness and can do attitude strikes a cord with me!
Rachel with actress Michelle Rodriguez
Rachel with actress Michelle Rodriguez

McCord is a socialite and on-camera personality that serves other influencers in the Hollywood lifestyle, fashion and beauty space.

Her passion is to inspire and equip ladies worldwide to know they are fabulous and to live the fabulous lives they deserve. She connects The McCord List Community with content and brands that help them feel validated, beautiful and empowered.

Rachel in a beautiful couture gown. Photo courtesy of Adam Kay Photography
Rachel in a beautiful couture gown. Photo courtesy of Adam Kay Photography

She has been featured in many news outlets for her work, including: US Weekly, In Touch, OK, L.A. Confidential, Extra, Glamour, ABC News, UK Vogue, Hollyscoop and Perez Hilton, to name a few.

Lady in Red...Rachel looks stunning in a red couture gown.
Lady in Red…Rachel looks stunning in a red couture gown.


VG:I noticed you started out as an actress and come from an artistic family. Do you miss acting? What inspired you to create a blog?
RMC: I have had unique and humble experiences with acting.  I didn’t pursue it actively.  I would just be on set with my sister, becoming friends with the writers and producers, so they would put me in their movies + TV shows.  I would improv some silly, comedic scenes, and for some reason they let me do it!
I am so grateful to be doing what I do now, I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else.
VG: Since I started blogging, I haven’t had a moment to myself. And I’m always behind. I’ve never had such a hefty to do list. You have a very social life as a blogger, which I think is necessary. How did you create such a great blog and manage to make time to get to the day to day tasks of life and make it look so effortless?
RMC: I am blessed to have a big community of other bloggers and digital influencers with whom I collaborate with on brand collaborations and opportunities. We have amazing talks about life, personal growth and relationships, so, although very busy, I feel so energized by what I do. Plus, my husband, Rick Schirmer is the most supportive person I have ever met.  He keeps me sane.
Rachel with her husband Rick
Rachel with her husband Rick


VG: Any advice you’d give to new bloggers especially in terms of getting more traffic and keeping the momentum?
My advice is to go for it! We all deserve to live fabulous lives.  Believe in yourself and your abilities. 
You can grow traffic by collaborating with other bloggers, reaching out to brands with larger followings and offering to cover their stories on your blog (in exchange for a link back) and by focusing on a niche market for content so your fans know what they will get when they read your blog.
VG: Since you blog about fashion/are a fashion blogger, what are your go to designers for events? And what shops do you get off the rack clothes for day to day wear?
RMC: Although I cover a lot of fashion, my heart is to help inspire women to live fabulous lives.  So, I don’t obsess too much about what I wear.  I mix classic and vintage looks with trends that I love.
Frankly, you could send me to Balmain or Forever 21 and I would have just as much fun!
More info on Rachel’s blog at http://themccordlist.com/
More info on Rachel at Instagram, Twitter, Facebook:  @iamrachelmccord + @themccordlist

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