Momentum Transferred Exhibition at Bruce Lurie Gallery

Had a nice time at the Momentum Transferred Exhibition at Lurie Gallery in Culver City’s popular arts district.

Innovative artists such as Ziba Afshar, Tracey Adams, Heidi Spector & Daniel Brice were a part of this exhibit.

Oh Mickey you're so fine! Art work by Ziba Afshar inspired by Mickey Mouse
Oh Mickey you’re so fine! Art work by Ziba Afshar inspired by Mickey Mouse

Though I have classical taste in art, one can’t beat this gallery for contemporary art. After all, Bruce gave Jean-Michel Basquiat his first show as requested by Leo Castelli at his art gallery he owned and operated in the early 1980’s in New York’s edgy East Village. The gallery has a particular focus on establishing emerging to mid-career artists specializing in Abstract minimalism to Pop Art with an additional recent focus on photography. Bruce Lurie Gallery features a wide range of monumental sculptors as well. So even a die-hard fan of classic art like yours truly loves the wonderful eclectic pieces of art at this gallery.

With the Lurie boys
With the Lurie brothers and cousin!

Bruce has identical twin brothers, Scott and Craig, that I met years ago when they had two popular galleries in Studio City that really livened up the neighborhood.

In addition to their impeccable eye for art, what I really like about the brothers is how close-knit they are, not just the twins, but all four of them who are in the art world, including Evan. They share the same genes and also a love of contemporary art.

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