Multi-Talented artist Ata Servati to guest on LA Talk Radio

Earlier tonight we had the multi-talented poet, playwright, filmmaker and actor Ata Servati guest on Cameron Datzker’s show that I guest co-host on LA Talk Radio.

We were honored to have Ata guest on Cameron's show!
We were honored to have Ata guest on Cameron’s show!

Writer/producer/Director/Actor Ata Servati, a poet, playwright, novelist, actor, filmmaker and activist, started his journey in the arts as a  playwright. He followed in the paths of legends such as Rumi, Hafez, and Omar Khayyam. As a young boy, he began receiving premonitions in his dreams that have greatly influenced his spirituality to this day. Ata moved to the United States just before the climax of the National Rebellion in his homeland of Iran.
Ata resisted living a more spiritual life for many years, becoming consumed by the fast-paced material life we are all familiar with one way or another. Recently, he lost everything.  His real estate, marriage, and comfortable luxury lifestyle disintegrated with a quickness that knocked him off his feet. He found himself living out of a car, yet he began to remember how basic and pure he felt in his youth. All his dreams, how much he loved the act of simply writing, began to come back to him. He regained his balance, both internally and externally and his life began to take shape again.
With the excitement of a child, he began building The Lotus Light Children Charity. Then founded the Love International Children’s Film Festival and a new film production company called Enlightenment Entertainment based out of Los Angeles. Ata is also known for his heartfelt poetry book “I Am A Lotus”, as well as the novel “In Search Of Heaven” which is already available for purchase. His new novels “BABA”, “In Search Of Love”, and a three-part compilation called “Married To The Well”, (1- Married to the well”, 2- The Silent Beggar 3- The Shirine) will be released in 2016. To say the least, Ata Servati is grateful to be present to share his love and creativity with the world and have the opportunity to extend his love of the arts to children and youth through Love International Children’s Film Festival.  To learn more about Ata go to


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