UBUNTU Oils Treats Those Dry Tresses

UBUNTU OILS FROM AFRICA™ are a new generation of oils for targeted haircare. ‘Ubuntu’ means kindness and these oils will leave hair pampered, repaired, restored and full of juicy goodness once again. Living in a dry climate like SoCal, where I’m either flat ironing, curling or subjecting my hair to Brazilian Blowouts makes me an ideal candidate for their products.

These high quality, vitamin enriched oils are sourced using fair trade principles and capture traditional African beauty regimes. The range comprises 4 targeted oils for specific hair types: Baobab oil for dry hair, Mafura oil for the repair of coarse/damaged, Marula oil for the repair of fine/damaged hair and Mongongo oil for colour fade protection. The oils are sourced from the seeds of African fruits and the oil content from the kernel can be as rich as 65%, which is extremely hydrating and repairing for the hair.


The UBUNTU OILS FROM AFRICA™ collection is zesty, juicy, loud and colourful in its nature just like the exotic African oils that make up the formulations. I really like their products, especially the Moisturizing Heat Protection Spray with Baobab Oil.

Lee Stafford, Creator of the Ubuntu line
Lee Stafford, Creator of the UBUNTU OILS line

Lee Stafford is the genius behind this company. “I guess my career began by cutting friends’ and family’s hair in my mum’s living room! This is where I realised my passion for cutting hair by changing the way people looked and finding the best styles for their features and personality,” said Stafford.

So after a brief spell at the Kings Road, Chelsea and some time in the US, he returned to my home town of Leigh-on-sea and started developing and honing his skills. At this point, he really began building his reputation as Lee Stafford the hairdresser.
In 1998 his career went into over-drive when I won the award for Men’s British Hairdresser of the Year and in 2000 he was able to open my second salon in Soho. Since then, his life and his success has been unbelievable; he was even voted into This Mornings television show by the public as one of their chosen elite stylists.
Combined with his other successes this has all enabled me to pursue his ideas with far more vigour, one of which was to launch his own product range in 2001. In 2002 he won probably his ultimate accolade; the Most Influential Hairdresser of the Year which was incredible because it was voted by other professionals in the industry – the people who continue to inspire his work and push him into new directions.

More info at http://www.leestafford.com/en/products/ubuntu-oils-from-africa

*The product was provided to me for review. The opinions presented are purely my own honest assessment. And I don’t lie. Ever!

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