Psychic Guests on LA Talk Radio

Nice time earlier on LA Talk radio with our guests Mark Governor, Cindy Shapiro and noted psychic Shannon Leischner and her husband, psychic and musician James Imelodicangel. Shannon and James’ readings were spot on! I was astounded by their accuracy!


Shannon is a world renowned psychic medium and Theta Healer/Instructor who was born with powerful inherited abilities from generations of truly gifted family members. For over 20 years, she has been changing lives through life path coaching, angelic communication, mediumship and energy work in order to help people from all over the world fine their divine purpose.
James (iMelodicAngel) is a Certified Advanced Theta Healer. His music therapy can offer more enlightenment, love and abundance to an already fulfilling life. “iMelodicAngel’s meditative, melodic solutions can help one overcome pre existing limiting thought patterns and limiting self beliefs, traumatic experiences, physical pain, relationship issues and fears.


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