Natasha Blasick’s Red Carpet Designs

I have had the pleasure of running into actress Natasha Blasick at events here and there. I first met her a few years back when our films screened at a festival and was impressed with her style.

Striking Gold...Natasha looks stunning in one of her designs
Striking Gold…Natasha looks stunning in one of her designs

The last time I saw her was at an event in Los Feliz when I asked her about her gowns and how well they fit and if she could recommend me to her tailor. To my huge surprise, I found out that she created these gowns from scratch! She’d even shop for her own fabric. As to why she does this, she replied,”Just getting around LA to find the right dress for an event or to take a loanout (from a designer), it takes all day. You have to drive around town to go for a fitting and then you have to bring it back dry cleaned. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful, but the time it takes to buy/borrow a gown, I can make my own dresses and I get to use my creativity as an artist in a different light,” she added. Makes perfect sense and her gowns are just as gorgeous as she is and she makes a statement on the red carpet in her signature, one-of-a-kind gowns.

And when I think of her gratitude and humility, it makes me think of the duality of her life. Growing up in the Ukraine, Natasha wore homemade clothes and attended Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union camp and even grew up in a Soviet style apartment that housed two families. So while she fully appreciates the LA lifestyle, she doesn’t get caught up in it and focuses on her crafts, be it acting, music, or designing.

Natasha dazzles in this beautiful blue gown
Natasha dazzles in a beautiful blue gown from her collection
Natasha in a really cool two piece outfit. I love the lines on the skirt.
Natasha in a really cool two piece outfit she designed herself. I love the lines on the skirt.
Natasha in one of her designs
Natasha in one of her designs
Rock On! Natasha playing base in her band, the Snowflakes. She is wearing a beautiful flowy gown
Rock On! Natasha playing bass in her band, the Snowflakes. She is wearing a beautiful flowy gown that she designed

Natasha Blasick is an actress, model, producer, musician and fashion designer originally from Odessa, Ukraine living and working in Hollywood. She’s starred in the independent feature films Playing With Dolls, Paranoid Activity 2, Death Of Evil, The Black Russian, The Ruffian and Notes From The New World. She also plays bass guitar in the band Snowflakes and is endorsed by Daisy Rock Guitars. She was a finalist in the Mrs. World pageant. Always interested in fashion, she creates her own designs and wears them to red carpet events. Natasha does all stitching by hand with a needle and thread. She is inspired by fabrics and by her own imagination. Sexy, classy, glamorous and unapologetic are her hallmarks.

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