Loving the Leeya Line!

I have a great hairdresser named Kiko who has a wonderful line of amazing haircare products called Leeya. I love his conditioner, serum and his texturizing hair wax is sublime. I think hair wax is great for those with short hair, but Kiko’s line is so versatile, this wax is great for fly away hairs.

Leeya's Hair Wax and Conditioner
Leeya’s Hair Wax and Conditioner

Kiko has been in the salon industry for over 26 years and is still inspired by all areas of hair designing. At the age of 13 his grandfather bought his first pair of scissors and clippers. And from that point on he found his true passion for art.

His ambitious move was opening his own hair salon in early 2003. While having the salon it built a tremendous amount of clientele for him and so his passion grew to a whole new level. Kiko wanted to produce something he could call his own. He started to focus and put his energy into creating a new and improved line, which he formulated himself. With his experience and knowledge, he achieved much more in the industry. And with only one year searching for the perfect place to produce his line, magically “OD International” appeared. His dream had come true, and he was now on his way to producing cosmetic products that were FDA approved and made locally in Southern California.

Even Marilyn loves Kiko's products!
Even Marilyn loves Kiko’s products!

His talent is creating his signature cut on every individual that sits in his chair. His goal is to create the glamorous and sexy desired look you’re searching for. From color to style, he guarantees you to have the style of your dreams. He truly wants you to leave the salon glowing and looking fabulous.

When we asked Kiko if there is anything he truly enjoys doing: is response with a big smile was; “to use his vision and knowledge, that takes him to a sure place where he doesn’t need to think or ask – just to create. And that’s what makes him happy -ART

As Kiko always says, in order to look perfect you need to have the right cut and the right product.

More info at http://leeyahairwax.com/

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