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Once in a blue moon, you meet incredible, like-minded people that you know you’ll have an amazing synergy with. This is the case with two stellar journalists, H.R. Cole and Jesse Mogle, that I have met recently.

Jesse and H.R. with his Media Appreciation Award.
Jesse and H.R. with his Media Appreciation Award. Photo courtesy of Mark Sevier

As it turns out, this past spring, I was awarded for my journalism endeavors by designer Eugene Sidney and so was H.R., but alas we didn’t get to meet at the event as it was packed to the gills. We were both members of the same organization for media people, but didn’t really get to cross paths until the film I made my animation debut in, “Lovesick Fool”, screened at the noted Hollyshorts Film Festival. That was a wild ride as the Hollyshorts is quite a popular festival and it takes place at the iconic Chinese Theatre. Since it’s such a big festival, which screens a couple hundred films, the press line is intense. But H.R. and Jesse took it in stride and did an amazing job covering this vast festival in the heart of Hollywood no less. They had a great red carpet prescence and their own exclusive area to conduct interviews.

H.R. and Jesse getting the scoop!
H.R. and Jesse getting the scoop!

What I like about H.R. and Jesse are that they gel so well together as colleagues and their reporting style looks effortless as they really research their interview subjects and are very experienced at what they do.

H.R. has launched a thriving multimedia production company inDspotlight Productions, which is the umbrella company of inDspotlight Radio and inDtv -inDspotlight Television.

“During this time I have had the opportunity to work with a number budding artists both in front of and behind the camera,” said H.R. “One person who has been a constant has been my friend and colleague, Jesse.”

“The two of us are very like-minded and driven. We have worked together over the past three years from various red carpets, awards shows, our own productions and most recently launching our red carpet company. Within the past 4 months we have had clients and events in different venues across Hollywood. From Chris Klein’s premiere at the Avalon, to Patricia Heaton at The Laugh Factory, to the HollyShorts Film Festival at the Chinese Theatre (where we film our news magazine show dedicated to showcasing the world of independent film, inD Films Monthly) – our red carpet company came from the need we witnessed having covered nearly 100 red carpet events each,” added H.R.

If that wasn’t enough, they have created a Monthly Indie News Magazine show called inD Films Monthy, which covers the latest in the growing world of Independent Film, Shorts and Web Series from the independent film circuit featuring nominees from the HollyShorts Film Festival and monthly screenings. This show is hosted by inDtv’s Cole, Mogle and Geo Washington. They have partnered with the HollyShorts Film Festival to bring their viewers all of the excitement and highlights from the 11th annual festival – which awarded over $75,000 in cash and post-production services.

H.R. is the only son and eldest of three children, who along with his two younger sisters, are first generation US born kids to their grade school sweetheart parents from Sierra Leone, West Africa. ​His love of music stems from home, as his father, who was a DJ in his youth, would use the weekends to play records dating back as far as the 1960s. This talented host’s exposure to music was very early on, especially Reggae.

Though he has a great sense of style (love the vests H.R.!), it’s hard to believe that H.R. was self proclaimed “band geek” during his formative junior high and high school years as a Tuba/Sousaphone player.

His dream has always been to become a successful Game Show Host. On Aug 20th 2011, he started his career in radio creating his own show on 99.3 KCLA-FM (Los Angeles). He is now living the dream having been the Official Red Carpet Host for a few award shows, hosted a few live charity events, TV pilots, and having co-launched multimedia production company inDspotlight Productions (inDspotlight Radio & inDtv -inDspotlight Television-) and for this driven media maven, this is only the beginning.

As for Jesse, he had a nomadic childhood, so he was forced to make friends fast just to leave them after the school year. As his personality developed, Jesse noticed the ease in which he met people and how they genuinely gravitated towards him because of his positive, carefree attitude. Once he graduated with a degree in Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida and had lived a year abroad, he returned to the states determined to conquer Los Angeles.

Six years in and it’s been a wonderful adventure for him. He met H.R. through a hosting class and they immediately began to collaborate on a multitude of projects. They have a huge drive to learn as much as possible, as fast as possible, which is a driving force in their partnership. They quickly noticed if they have their own equipment and the willingness to produce their own content, there are a plethora of opportunities. Together they challenged themselves on the red carpet, at events and within the dynamic of one-on-one interviews – with talented people throughout the country – to develop and nurture their talents so they could grow as a business and a partnership.

Three years in and the opportunities seem to be as bountiful as ever. Through inDspotlight Productions, Media Mogle Productions and InaVizion Media the road ahead, while challenging, it appears to be lit brightly for their inspiring journey.

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